Proven hair loss treatment and hair replacement solutions for men and women

Now a day’s hair loss is a very common problem between the youngsters, and if we don’t care the hair fall problem in the initial stage it may leads to permanent hair loss which finally causes the baldness.Everyone have the hairfall but they don’t get the baldness because the rate of hair growth is equal to the rate of hairfall .
But when hair fall rate increase than the re-growth hair it leads to baldness so it’s very important to cure the hair fall problem in the initial stage because it may leads to the baldness at later stage . After getting the baldness it’s almost impossible to grow the natural hair, In such condition only option to cure the baldness is hair replacement or hairfixing.
There are many reasons for hair fall which includes stress, poor diet, bad habits like smoking drinking, other medical illness like thyroid , diabetes or it may also be hereditary

Treatment for the baldness :

There are many treatment for the partial baldness which include surgical and non surgical treatment / hair fixing. As the surgical treatment ( Hair Transplant ) is quite expensive and time consuming so the non surgical treatments/ hair fixing is better that surgical hair transplant because non surgical procedure / hair fixing are less expensive and in can be done a short duration of just 2 hrs.
Other most important advantage of hair fixing is that you will get the proper density as you had earlier which is not possible by hair transplant.
There are many technique of non surgical hair replacement or hair fixing like:
• Hair weaving / knotting
• Hair bonding / cliping
• Hair pasting / Hair silicon system / glue technique
• Hair taping
Out of these hair fixing technique hair weaving and hair silion system are fixed or semi permanent procedure where as hair bonding is a detachable procedure.

  • hair-bonding

    Hair Bonding

    Hair bonding is also technique of hair fixing where the hair system will be fixed with your own hair with the help of special clips.

    These clips are attached on the hair patch/ system, and with these clips hair patch can be fixed on the head with your existing hair..

    Unlike hair weaving and Hair Silicon procedure Hair bonding is a detachable procedure,

    Although it give you very natural looks like hair weaving & Hair Silicon procedure but it have some restriction in doing daily activities like swimming , bathing .

    While swimming and taking shower you need to remove the system,

    The main advantage of hair bonding is that it is maintenance free and does not require any follow-up.

  • hair-weaving

    Hair Weaving

    Hair weaving is one of the procedure of hair fixing where we attached the natural hair in a form of a hair patch to the existing hair .

    Hair weaving is very old technique of hair fixing , now a day’s it’s not much popular . procedure involves in hair weaving is making a support on the head with the help of existing hair, than hair patch will be fixed or weaved with this support. One can feel the little pain while making the support on head , sometime this pain may persist for 1-2  days.

    Its a fixed procedure, after procedure you can treat it like own hair. you can have normal bath, swimming , gyming etc.

    As we patch will be fixed with your existing hair, so once your hair will grow , patch will become loose, in case of hair weaving service is needed every 2-3 months depends on the hair hair growth.

  • hair-silicon-system

    Hair Silicon System / Glue Procedure

    Hair Silicon procedure is also a semi permanent procedure of hair hair fixing , where patch will be fixed to the baldness are with the help of a silicon gel.

    Hair silicon is the most advanced procedure of hair fixing  , now a days 80-90% people prefer hair silion procedure compare to hair weaving or hair bonding.

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Benefits of hair Fixing over hair Transplant

Hair Fixing is a non-surgical procedure to cure the baldness, where human or artificial hair is attached to existing hair. There are Various procedures such as pasting, Weaving, bonding, are used for hair Fixing.

Hair Silicon

Advantage of Hair Silicon procedure

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Hair Silicon procedure is very simple procedure compare to hair weaving, unlike hair weaving in Hair Silicon procedure we apply the silicone gel to the surrounding of the baldness area, and fixed the patch.

Unlike hair weaving in Hair Silicon procedure you will not feel any pain on your head.
Its also a permanent procedure , after fixing like in hair weaving you can do all the daily activity like taking bath, swimming, gym etc.
Compare to hair weaving in Hair Silicon procedure you need the service every month but the advantage of Hair Silicon procedure is that you can do the self servicing which is not possible in hair weaving.
There is no restriction after Hair Silicon procedure , you can do all the daily activities as you do normally.
The hair system which is used in Hair Silicon procedure have proper ventilation so your skin can breathe properly.
There will not be any allergy or irritation due to Hair Silicon procedure.

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